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a live-only online event with Steve Hayes

PST 5pm, 8 JUNE | AEST 10am, 9 JUNE | NZST 12pm, 9 JUNE 2017
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In this live-only 80 minute online session Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) co-founder Steve Hayes will share his latest methods to advance ACT work in clinical settings. Few of these tips have yet been written about -- he will cover methods large and small that will help you refine and accelerate your ACT work. Steve will talk about such topics as how to focus on values quickly, how to foster self-as-context naturally, how to get unstuck, and how best to use ACT methods to empower other evidence-based methods.

No recording of the event is permitted and none will later be made available. Steve is donating his time to help the ANZ ACBS chapter. We are offering this one-time live event with a money back guarantee: if these ideas do not clearly advance your ACT work, your registration fee will be returned to you.

Seats are limited!

In this webinar Steve Hayes will share a series of tips for doing ACT that have emerged in his recent work. He describes it this way:

"This webinar is designed for people who use ACT in their work.. I spend a lot of my time working on ACT and related topics such as RFT, Contextual Behavioral Science, and process-based therapy more generally. I'm constantly updating and tweaking and seeing new connections. In the first part of this webinar I will run through a potpourri of tips, ideas, and suggestions that may help empower your ACT work. In the last part I will take questions and will try my best to be of use to you."

Steven C. Hayes is Nevada Foundation Professor in the Behavior Analysis program at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. An author of 44 books and nearly 600 scientific articles, he has shown in his research how language and thought leads to human suffering, and has helped develop "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" a powerful therapy method that is useful in a wide variety of areas. His popular book "Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life" was featured in Time Magazine among several other major media outlets and for a time was the number one best selling self-help book in the United States. Dr. Hayes has been President of several scientific societies and has received several national awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy. Google Scholar data ranks him as among the top 1,300 most cited scholars in all areas of study, living and dead (

In summary:

  • Rare opportunity to spend 80 minutes live online with ACT co-founder Steven C. Hayes, PhD
  • Designed for people who use ACT in their work
  • Draws on related topics such as RFT, Contextual Behavioral Science, and process-based therapy more generally
  • Part 1: A one hour potpourri of tips, ideas, and suggestions that may help empower your ACT work
  • Part 2: Steve will take questions and respond to your reflections about his presentation

Your host: ANZACBS President, Dr Paul Atkins.

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This event brought to you by the Australia & New Zealand Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. You can find our Chapter page on the ACBS website here. Feel free to join if you haven't already!

Visit the ANZACBS website here. Our next conference is in Perth, Australia, October 2017.

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